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Why Choose Double Tuff Truck Tarps?

When you have a Double Tuff system installed on your trailer, you can rest assured knowing that you have the best system in the business. Most companies offer a "cut and paste" or "one size fits all" tarping system, but here at Double Tuff, each system is tailored to fit your application perfectly.

With our full size fabrication shop located just outside of Austin, TX, we make many of our parts in house, right here in the USA. Whether you need a new tarp, a few parts to give your tarping system a tune up, or you're having ANY trouble with your current setup, we can help.

How TUFF Is Your Tarp?
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Tarp Systems For:
Mac Aluminum Sliding Bow Tarp
End Dump
Armorlite Belly Dump Sliding Bow System
Belly Dump
Oxbody sliding bow tarp
Dump Truck
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