Arm System Parts


4 Spring Pivot Pin Kit

Kit includes pin, washers, snap ring, and spiral springs. Kit does not include casting.

Aluminum Pivot Casting

Casting accepts 4 spiral springs and fits on our 4 spring pivot pins.

Pivot Pin

Zinc coated bolt-on pivot pin. Vary in length of pin to accept 3, 4, or 5 spiral springs.

HD Aluminum Long Arm

Heavy duty aluminum long arms can be cut to length, up to 21'6".

Cast Aluminum 90* Elbow

Elbow is cast to fit our HD Aluminum Long arms, as well as our rear cross bar.

Rear Cross Bar

Heavy duty aluminum rear cross bar can be cut to length, and fits on our cast aluminum 90* elbows

Steel Pivot Arm

3-Spring steel pivot arm. Fits on our 3 spring pivot pins.

Steel Bent Arm

Steel bent arm elbows are side specific (driver-LH and passenger RH)

Steel 1-1/4 Rear Cross Bar

Steel rear cross bar fits on our steel pivot arm and steel bent arm elbows. Cut to fit.

Spiral Torsion Springs

Spiral springs are a direct fit onto our pivot pins.

Long Arm Pivot Shaft

Zinc coated pivot hex shaft for HD aluminum long arms.

HD Spring Mount Assembly

Comes with hex bearing, fits our long arm pivot shaft.

HD Long Arm Spring

HD long arm springs are side specific (driver-LH and passenger RH)

Spring Lever Hex Lock Collar

Slides over our long arm pivot shaft to keep the HD springs "timed".

Motor/Bearing Mounting Plate

Can be mounted vertical or horizontal for end dump or bobtail applications.

Motor/Bearing Mounting Plate

Used for belly dump applications. One piece design also mounts our standard windshield.

3/4" ID Flange Bearing

Mounts to our bearing plate and fits our 3/4" shaft.

3/4 x 6" Shaft

3/4" x 6" shaft mounts on the passenger side. Fits into our flange bearing as well as the front roller shaft.

Front Roller Shaft

Our front roller shaft allows the tarp to be bolted in, or our slide through design requiring no hardware.

8" Front Windshield

Cut to size, will mount directly our motor/bearing plates

Stub Arm Mounting Beam

Used for belly dump applications. Allows for easy bolt on installation of our HD Aluminum Arm System.

Rear Bumper Cushion Set

Designed to keep your tarp from shifting, these are made of high quality UV resistant material.

Clutch Crank

Used for arm system applications, allows safe use without the "snap back" of non-clutch designs.

Clutch Crank Outer Mounting Bracket

Adjustable slotted mounting bracket for our clutch cranks

Inner Crank Mounting Bracket

Can be bolted or welded for multiple applications.

3/4" Bore Sprocket

3/4" Bore, 17 tooth sprocket for most manual crank arm system applications.

3/4" x 12" Shaft

3/4" x 12" long. Fits in our front roller shaft, as well as our 3/4" bore sprocket for manual crank applications.

#40 Roller Chain

#40 (1/2") roller chain, cut to length. Used for both electric and manual crank.

Master Link

Master link for #40 roller chain. We also have half-links available.

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