Sliding Bow System Parts


Oreo Bows

Come in various lengths depending on your application. 

Black UHMW Bows

Black plastic bows, come in many sizes specific to your trailer. Black UHMW ends come in various lengths 

Front Rock Bow

Adjustable height front rock bow for half round trailers where gate is not flush with upper rails.

Rear Rock Bow

Adjustable height rear rock bow for half round trailers where the gate is not flush with upper rails.

1/4" Galvanized Steel Cable

Steel galvanized cable. Sold per foot.

Belly Dump Rear Pulley Bracket

Used on bottom dump trailers. Uses our 5" pulley and short insert.

Standard Rear Pulley Bracket

Standard rear upper bracket for use with our 5" rear pulley and long insert. 

Offset Rear Pulley Bracket

Rear upper pulley brackets. These are offset, designed for most half-round applications.

30 Tooth Manual Crank Sprocket

1" bore 30 tooth sprocket allows for quick operation while maintaining a good torque ratio.

7" V-Groove Front Pulley

7" OD with a deep v-groove to keep 1/4" steel cable in place.

5" V-Groove Rear Pulley

5" OD rear pulley with a deep v-groove to keep 1/4" steel cable in place

1" Pillow Block Bearing

Fits our 1" front shaft. 

1" Motor Sprocket

Fits our 1" front shaft to allow a chain drive to the motor.

1" Front Shaft

Can be purchased by itself or complete assembly. Half shafts are also available for repairing one side.

Front Windshield

12" tall, cut to length. Creates a barrier to decrease wind whipping of your bow tarp.

White 1" x 6" UHMW Tubes

1" x 6" white UHMW roller tubes. These allow our bows to roll, reducing wear and tear.

Black 2" UHMW Bow Ends

UHMW high grade bow ends used on our "oreo" bows. 

Manual Crank

Used for sliding bow system applications.  Geared to be quick and efficient.

Manual Crank Outer Mounting Bracket

Adjustable slotted mounting bracket for our sliding bow hand cranks

Inner Crank Mounting Bracket

Can be bolted or welded for multiple applications.

Anti-Lift Aluminum Angle

Used in conjunction with our anti-lift hangers, this can prevent the tarp from lifting during travel.

Standard Anti-Lift Hanger

Standard anti-lift hanger works with our oreo bows to prevent the tarp from lifting while driving.

Offset Anti-Lift Hanger

Offset anti-lift hanger for tight fitting applications where clearance is an issue. Fits our oreo bows.

1/2" Stud Anti-Lift Hanger

Adjustable anti-lift hanger. Used with our black UHMW bows.

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